Monday, January 4, 2010

LH in KY

This morning I awoke to a comment from my longtime reader LH in KY. For those of you who read my blog daily, you know that LH in KY is a Vietnam Veteran who often posts extremely insightful comments on my blog. When LH started to read my blog it really took my blogging to the next level as I constantly thought to myself, "I hope my mom and LH in KY like this post."

LH in KY has asked all of my readers to pray and send peaceful thoughts to his family who are going through a tough time right now. I hope that everyone can just take a moment after reading this and think of LH and his family.

LH, if you ever want to write a more private email to discuss anything my email is: [REDACTED]

Peace be with you and your family, LH.

Tsukiji Fish Market

(PICTURE: This man was as perplexed at the size of this fish as I was.)

Heading into Tokyo, the only sight I really wanted to see was the Tsukiji fish market. Tsukiji is the famous market in Tokyo where all the fresh fish is sold every morning. In retrospect, I'm not sure going to the market was such a great idea. Honestly, my rationale at the time was that I love sushi so it would be cool to see where it comes from. Well, this was faulty logic. The sushi comes from the sea, not from Tsukiji. Tsukiji is basically an enormous butcher shop for seafood. I now realize that my thinking was basically the equivalent of this: "I love steak, let me check out a slaughterhouse." Yeah, bad logic.

Sure it is probably good for all of us to see where our food is killed. I think many of us would quickly become vegetarians. In fact, as I walked around Tsukiji I thought to myself, "People who eat fish yet call themselves vegetarians need to come to this place." To get what I mean, watch this video: