Friday, November 5, 2010

A Monumental Moment In Relationship History

(PICTURE: This picture is backwards. I usually get the amount on the right.)

Like we do all the time, two weekends ago Huyen and I went to her parents' house. Per usual protocol, after dinner/showering/brushing teeth, I went to the top floor to sleep in a bed with Su. However, after a few minutes I was pleasantly surprised when Huyen popped into the room and said, "My parents told me to come sleep up here!" This was the first time in my life that parents (including my own) have allowed my girlfriend/legal-wife to sleep in the same room as me. It only took 31 years and getting marriage!*

That said, yesterday we went back to Huyen's house for the day and, after lunch, I found myself napping with her father. Small steps!

* This asterisk is for future August/Nguyen children who come home from university with their girlfriend/boyfriend and attempt to argue with Huyen and me about not sleeping on the pull-out couch while their girlfriend/boyfriend sleeps in their bedroom. I always lost this argument and so will you.