Saturday, April 26, 2008

Motorbike, Happy Birthday and Congratulations...

(PICTURE: Ryan and Steve -- yes, he is always shirtless -- in my room prior to buying my new, slightly less ugly sheets)

After much deliberation and many different opinions, I've decided to rent a motorbike for the month before buying one. A lot of locals last night were encouraging me to buy this old Belarus bike called a Minsk. Apparently any mechanic can repair them and they are also dirt cheap. That said, I've been riding around Vietnam on Honda Waves for the last couple weeks. The Wave is light, easy to ride and is probably the most popular bike in Vietnam which means it can also be fixed by any mechanic. It also makes me look pretty damn awesome. 

Steve also decided to rent a bike for the month and he too got a wave. Upon leaving the rental place Steve wasted no time in getting into an accident...with a parked motorbike. I picked up Pallavi (my new flatmate) and drove the two of us back to our house. I quickly realized that driving two people is WAY harder than just driving one. I switched the bike into third gear, dodged thousands of cars and other motorbikes and somehow made it back to the place without a scratch. I figure if I can survive driving in the worst part of town (the Old Quarter) with someone on my bike, during rush hour, I'll be okay.  Oh, Steve and the bike are fine for those who care.

Just want to wish Alex a happy birthday. Welcome to old age, my friend. We're almost at that age where one might grow some grey hairs...

That said, our good buddy Jed decided to upstage our birthdays by proposing last night to his long time girlfriend and fellow Orange Lena. For some reason she accepted. I have a big suspicion that she thinks is going to be the next google and is trying to get in on that. Anyway, congrats Jed and Lena!