Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just when you think you've seen it all...

(PICTURE: Take away the towing apparatus, add another bike and a shoe string and that's more or less what I saw.)

After three years of driving Vietnam streets, I was certain I had seen it all. However, in just one day I was shocked to see three things I had never seen before. In the morning, I was headed to work when I pulled up next to a motorbike being towed by another motorbike. This might not seem so strange except for the fact that the bike was being towed by what I think was a few shoe strings tied together. Perhaps even odder, the man on the front bike was probably about 80-years-old. The man on the back, who was holding the string, was probably about twenty.

A few hours later, I was driving down a main road when I saw a guy on a bicycle riding with no hands on his bike. Where were his hands? They were on two other bikes, one one each side of him, which he was transporting somewhere. That's right: One guy riding three bikes at the same time.

(PICTURE: The guy I saw had six wheels on the ground.)

Then only about thirty seconds later, I pulled up to a guy who was driving a motorbike while surfing the note or watching a video on his Samsung Galaxy. That tops texting and driving which 90% of everyone else does all the time here.

(PICTURE: This was what the guy was doing except he was driving a motorbike at the same time.)