Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sleeping With A 17-year-old

As mentioned a week or so ago, I had to share a bed with Huyen's 17-year-old brother Su at the Nguyen house. Su's a really great kid who's getting ready to go to university next year. The experience of sharing a bed with him was uneventful....except when: 3:04 AM Su screamed out "ZOY ZOY ZOY!!!!" inches from my ear. I don't know what he was dreaming about but that translates to "YES YES YES". roughly 3:45 AM when Su kneed me straight in the square of my back. 12:15 AM, 2:23 AM, 4:10 AM and possibly twenty other times during the night he stole the blanket from me. This wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't FREAKING FREEZING.

Huyen took this picture of Su and I shortly after I passed out on the first night. Notice the layers I'm wearing because of the cold. And no, I'm not talking about the layers of chins.

The next morning I gave Su a lot of crap for allowing me to sleep about an hour and a half. Huyen laughed and said that Su is always the worst of her siblings to share the bed with. Thanks for the warning, Huyen!

The next night as I was going upstairs to bed, I noticed Su was in his parents' bed. He had felt so bad that he was going to give me the bed by myself and sleep with his parents. I told Huyen to tell him that I was only joking with him and that he should come share the bed with me again.
I regreted this decision when he kicked me in the back of the knee at 3:58 AM.