Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quan Lan: The Good Side

(PICTURE: Some pretty shells on the beach.)

Over the last few days I've made a considerable effort to bad mouth Quan Lan Island. My goal has been to help dissuade potential visitors from going there. This may seem harsh but if I could save one person from being extorted by the Army, swindled by a guest house owner or robbed by the locals, I'll feel I've done a noble deed.

Now that said, there are obviously some good things about the island. For one, the beaches were nearly empty which made the island quite romantic. Secondly there were some good people on the island. Specifically, I really like these guys who invited me to play volleyball with them:

There were also some really cute kids. In fact, Huyen and I kept jokingly saying to these kids in English, "Please be nice to tourists when you grow up."