Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Sister

My sister's job is to deal with the press and well, to get good/bad information about people out there. Hannah's great at doing her job for other people but not so great at doing it for herself. Simply put, Hannah hasn't been mentioned on Ahoy Hanoi in months -- and well, if you want to be anyone on the internet you need your name on Ahoy Hanoi.

All of the good press as of late has gone towards my brother. Having a baby will do that. Well, I think my sister is starting to mount a campaign to get her name back out there.

Last week Hannah was at the Democratic National Convention. Every morning I would wake up to watch the speeches with the hopes of seeing Hannah in the background. When Hannah wasn't too busy bumping elbows with politicians she managed to send me an email or two. On one of the first days I commented to her that I thought Montana's Governor Schweitzer gave a great speech. Well, just a few days later Hannah sent me this email:


Me: Hi, Governor. My brother lives in Vietnam but he saw your speech and raved about it.

Schweitzer: He lives in Vietnam? How did he watch it?
Me: The internet I guess? Anyway, if we took a picture together I think it'd make him really jealous.

Schweitzer: Yeah? Let's do it! For your brother.

*it went something like that. The party was very loud.

Welcome back to Ahoy Hanoi, Hannah. And a big welcome to you Governor. And yes, I'm jealous.