Friday, May 28, 2010

License Plate

(PICTURE: The mysterious Lexus.)

Huyen and I were riding around the city the other morning when she pointed at a car and said, "Where is that car from?" I put on my best Mister-know-it-all voice and said, "That's a Lexus. It's from Japan." Huyen politely said something like, "I know it's a Lexus you idiot, but where is the license plate from?" I squinted my eyes and then shouted, "NO WAY! That car is from California!!!":

(PICTURE: 5SLP211. Anyone in LA missing an LS600hL.)

I think this car was a sign. Huyen and I have been talking about the states a lot recently and BOOM there was a car from California. Why this car was here, I have no idea. My first guess was that it was stolen. Do any cops read my blog that can run the plates?