Saturday, August 2, 2008

Salter Sisters Part III

The Salter Sisters are notoriously terrible emailers. You can write them and either hear right back from them or possibly not for two or three months. Well, a day after Lily left I sent her an email to see if she was alive. For those of you who don't recall, she was going for a trek in the jungles of Thailand. Lily isn't exactly "in shape" and was quite worried about surviving. Well, she hadn't left yet for her trek but wrote me right back. In her email she wrote this P.S.:

"PS: Anna's taxi driver got arrested on the way to the airport and she had to be driven there in a police car!!"

This obviously got my attention. I immediately wrote Lily to find out the details. After two weeks she finally wrote back:

"Re: Safe and sound?

Hey Ben, how are you? Sorry for the late reply- wouldnt want to break with the Salter tradition!!!


Oh my trip back was SO CRAZY!!! We were about 5km from the airport when the taxi driver stopped the car and got out and then i saw him talking to police, so i assumed he had been speeding or something. But then he got oiut his wallet and went to give the cop some money who then slapped him (no joke, across the face)! and put him in the back of the cop car!!! So im like, 'oh shit, can i really walk the next 5km with all my bags?' but then the policeman came up to me and told me he would take me but put me IN THE BACK with the arrested taxi man who then demanded i pay him then and there!!!! haha it was seriously insane, and i got the weirdest looks at the airport being unloaded from the back of the police car! and i still have no idea what he did?!!!