Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pottery Tools In The Ear

The other day I sat down on the street, waiting my turn for a shave. The person in the street side barber's chair had just had his face shaved and I started to stand up to take my turn in the chair. However, the barber wasn't done. The barber put on a headband/camping/spelunking flashlight thing and took out a bunch of tools from a kit.

If you have ever taken a pottery class you might recall the tools that usually sit on a table in a cup of water. There are usually different tools that all look like skinny screwdrivers with varied end pieces to carve/design shapes into pottery. Well, the tools the barber took out looked just like that. In fact, I'd bet money they are the same tools. One tool he took out was a long skinny nail. I assumed he was going to pierce the client's ear and I thought to myself, "Oh God. This is the least sanitary thing I have ever seen." However, it wasn't the least sanitary thing I had ever seen...that happened three seconds later when the barber stuck the tool deep inside the client's ear and started to clean.

When I was a kid I once went to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor. The doctor cleaned out my ear and removed a disgusting amount of wax. Well, that is exactly what the barber was doing. However, I'm assuming the ENT had a little more training with this than the barber had.

Here's the video:

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