Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ethnic Minority Sausage

(PICTURE: I have pictures of the real sausage which I'll replace with this when my camera wire decides to start working during uploads.)

The immature side of me always laughs at an item on the menu at one of my favorite restaurants in Hanoi -- Ethnic Minority Sausage. Every time I bring a visiting guess to this restaurant, they always ask about the ethnic minority sausage with a giggle. We then try and order it but are told that they don't have any ethnic minority sausage in the kitchen.

Well, on the first night of our trip, we walked into a restaurant and there in the back was hanging sausage. Huyen ordered us some and the owners -- yes, ethnic minorities -- friend it up for us. It was delicious, albeit a little bit fatty. The next day we stopped in another small town and there were two ethnic minorities carry a stick with dozens of hanging sausage. You guessed it, we got a bunch more.

So, I'm happy to report that Ethnic Minority sausage does exist and better yet, it's delicious.