Sunday, March 13, 2011


(PICTURE: I was a little late for this photo...and for some inexplicable reason I'm sticking out my tongue like Michael Jordan.)

Apparently there are huge firework displays in Hanoi during Tet. I can't confirm this though since I've spent all three of my Tet Holidays in Ha Nam. I can confirm that the fireworks there are not so huge and usually consist of a few random houses launching a single firework or some kids lighting streamers. Unlike the past couple years, this year we partook in the fun. At midnight on the lunar new year, we lit some sparklers on the roof of Huyen's house. The sparklers were absolute crap and sometimes lit up beautifully and other times burnt to a crisp in a flash as if they had been doused in kerosene. Here's a couple of pictures I like from that night:

(PICTURE: Su and his sparkler.)

(PICTURE: Huyen with her sparkler.)