Sunday, March 1, 2009

Made In Vietnam II

I have been wearing the same two pairs of sneakers for the past year. I have my "athletic shoes" which are a pair of black Nike running shoes and my "casual sneakers" which are a pair of Nike high tops:
(PICTURE: I'm not sure if this picture is blurry or my shoes are just that dirty."

I love my high tops -- a style I've stolen from my buddy Tom in LA -- but recently they've started to hurt my feet. They're really worn in and don't exactly feel like they're supporting my feet. I've been reluctant to throw them away because I know I can't buy a pair like them out here....or can I? Last night I looked in my shoe and saw this tag:

That's right, my Nike's are made in 'Nam! It might be time for a motorbike trip to find all the places where my clothing/backpack/shoes were made in this country. If you're curious, my other Nikes' were made in China.