Thursday, December 11, 2008

To Hannah´s Friends and Family

I have heard some complaints that I have not posted anything about Hannah yet. I urge all of you to be patient. Between bonding with my sister, the skyrocketing costs of internet, lazily relaxing on the beach, etc. etc., I have not had the time to post blogs. It was with this foresight that I had pre written a dozen or so entries.

I promise there will be tons of posts in the near future about my hilarious and clumsy sister. Again, ahoyhanoi urges patience...from you too, mom!

P.S. If some punctuation is wrong in this it is because I´m typing on a Thai keyboard that doesn´t allow me to use dashes or question marks. That is why I purposely didn´t write any questions in this entry.

English Festival Part II

The day after the English Festival, Tuan, one of my Intermediate 2 students came up to me at Language Link and said, "You are a very famous teacher." I laughed, thanked him and then curiously asked why. He looked at me and said, "You were the judge at the English Festival." I asked Tuan if he was there since he is a father of three and perhaps one of his children was in the contest. He said: "No. I saw you on television."

Yeah, apparently it was televised.