Saturday, August 1, 2009


You do the math: What happens when you take a person who sleeps with a glass of water next to his bed because he wakes up every night thirsty AND this person happens to have a girlfriend in Vietnam that he talks to on his laptop right before going to bed?

I'll give you ten seconds to figure this one out...

Yup, last night at 2AM I woke up to take a sip of water and spilled my glass. I immediately sprung up from bed and grabbed my laptop to dry it. There was only a little bit of water on my computer and I thought the cost was clear when I opened my laptop and saw that it was working. I then immediately closed my laptop and placed it on dry land. This morning I woke up and it isn't working. (FYI: I'm writing this from my mom's desktop.) I went on to a bunch of computer forums this morning and the #1 piece of advice was to do exactly the opposite of what I did last night. Everyone says that if a liquid gets on your laptop you should immediately take out the battery and unplug the computer. By turning it on you can short the components inside. Greeeeeeaaaaat. There were a few other people who said that they just let their laptop dry out for a day or two and then it worked again. My fingers are crossed that this will work.

The best/worst part of this whole thing is this:
1. Every night I've worried about this exact situation happening. I usually get out of bed and place the laptop on higher ground after talking to Huyen.
2. With my last mac I had Applecare. I didn't end up needing Applecare since the ninjas stole my computer. With this laptop I opted to not get applecare because, well, I was worried it might get stolen again and an extended warranty means nothing when your computer is stolen.
3. This of course had to happen the last week I'm in the states. Hopefully the computer will work again when I next give it a try...or else I'll be able to fix it before I head back to Vietnam.

Maybe this is a sign I should not be a computer owner.