Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Sweet Sexy Voice

(Recording my sweet voice...)

Being a good friend, I had to put PJ in his place this week so his head wouldn't get too big. Sure he's on a hit TV show in America, but he's still a few years away from international fame like me. I mean, lets be honest, a lot of people know him in North America. But me, I'm known (according to google analytics) in 35 countries. I'm basically like Bono.

A few days before PJ arrived I was asked by my friend Tu if I could do an English voice-over for a movie. I immediately said, "You want me to do a voice-over? I have a horrible voice." Tu disagreed with me and said my voice was, "Very nice." For those of you who haven't watched my video postings let me inform you that:
a) My voice is not very nice.

b) My voice is somewhere stuck between puberty and a high baritone.

c) I have a borderline speech impediment with the letter S.

I told Tu he could probably get someone better for the job but he didn't want to hear it. He told me a time and place to be and said I'd be paid a million dong for my effort. That's about $60...or $60 more than I ever thought I'd get to do a VO.

The day before I went in to do the VO Tu sent me the script and the video. What was the project? Well, it was basically an infomercial for some Vietnamese steel company. I went into the recording studio and nailed the script in fifteen minutes. By "nailed" I of course mean I gave a reading that will surely turn off 87% of watchers of the DVD. I asked for a copy of the movie when it's done and will be sure to post it.