Thursday, January 20, 2011

Essay About My Wedding

I had my student's write essays about the wedding. Here's one of my favorites (without grammatical fixes):

Last Sunday, it was Ben's wedding. Ben and Huyen were married in bride's hometown, Ha Nam. The wedding was celebrated on 19, December, the same day with my birthday.

First, about wedding card, I received it from Huyen in the last class before wedding with invitation: you and your lover. This was the first card I've ever had. It made me laugh and I thought the wedding was complicated from writing the card.

Then, on wedding day, I and my classmate caught the car that Ben hired to go to the party. It was awesome. There was a lot of people, Relation by Ben's side was foreign people, Ben's family was American, Ben's friends was American, Japanese or Korean (I'm not sure). Ben's cousins were friendly and had sense of humor. I was impressed about Ben's sister. She wore a red "ao dai." She looked so pretty. Relation by Huyen's side was her family, her neighbors, her friends. It was very crowded. Huyen's house wasn't large enough to see the whole wedding. The wedding had karaoke. The sound was too loud so I was headache a little. Their friends sang and danced together. It was exciting from the morning I ate too much but shrimp. Vegetarian pork-pie was strange, it included bean. Last, I and my classmate took photos with Ben and Huyen. They were great.