Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Halong Bay

(NOTE: This is not a good video of me. Because I don't have my own camera any more I can't exactly direct. That said, some British kid I met on the boat has a better video which I will post when/if he emails it to me)

In the movies -- and possibly in real life -- whenever someone gets raped they always end up crouching down in a shower and just having the water wash over their body. Well, I finally understand that scene. After having my personal space completely violated on Saturday and all my possessions stolen from me, there was no better antidote than a shower/baptism in the famed Halong Bay.

This is a video of David (Miriam's friend from Spain who is visiting), Song, Devin and I jumping into the water from the roof of our junk boat. You can see me for a split second at the end. I'm the one who looks like a jumping swimsuit model.