Friday, March 11, 2011

Chicken - Finger

(PICTURE: Hello chickens!)

On the second day of the holiday, Huyen's sister brought three chickens to the house. I was told that these chickens would be our meals that week and that I would be the one killing them. As you can imagine, I was slightly less excited about that second piece of news.

While preparing lunch that day, I moronically cut my left thumb while slicing vegetables. The cut was pretty deep and very bloody. It was by far the deepest cut I've ever had and resulted in me screaming, "OWWWWW" and instinctively tossing the knife into the air. Thank god the knife didn't hit Huyen who was making spring rolls next to me. As much as it sucked to have a large, painful cut on my hand and to be made fun of for a week by neighbors and family members, it did have the added benefit of getting me out of killing chickens. However, instead of being the butcher that week, I became the farmer. It was my job to feed the chickens every morning and to give them water. Naturally this meant I bonded a little bit with the birds...which made it that much harder to watch Huyen and Su kill the chickens. I swear, I shed a tear when I ate those delicious chicken legs.