Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Roommates

(PICTURE: Ryan's last time leaving our house.)

Within hours of Ryan leaving last week, my new roommates moved in. The new roommates are two couples who have been in Hanoi for quite a long time. There is a Polish couple who have been studying Vietnamese here for the last year and a half and a Polish/Korean couple who have been here for four years. In case you're wondering, the girl is Polish and the boy is Korean.

The new roommates are extremely nice and friendly but are making me really nervous. Why? Because four times in a week they've left the second floor balcony opened or unlocked. I am starting to feel extremely paranoid that I'm going to be robbed by ninjas my first and last months in Hanoi. That's the bad news.

The good news though is that the other day I took out the laundry of the Korean kid and hung his stuff on the clothesline. The first article of clothing I pulled out from the washing machine was a t-shirt that said: "Sex Instructor. First Lesson Free." I just hope he doesn't work from home. The second article of clothing I pulled out though was some kind of karate uniform. There wasn't a belt in the washing machine but I can only hope his rank is high enough to fight off the ninjas who he will soon be letting into my house.

Huyen and I miss you, Ryan!

(PICTURE: Our final goodbye with Ryan before he got into a taxi with Jessica.)