Friday, November 28, 2008

My Weakness

I've been told before that I'm a competitive person. However, my joy of winning is trumped by Huyen's. About five months ago she "accidentally" smacked me in the berries while were jokingly wrestling with each other. I immediately fell to the ground with a loud, "Uh! My nuts." Huyen was obviously confused why I had nuts in my pants but didn't let that stop her from celebrating her wrestling victory with a jubilant, "I win you! I found your weakness!"

Indeed Huyen has found the chink in my armor and has often exploited it. A common line from her these days if we're jokingly arguing about something is, "I know your weakness and will win you."

Now as funny as this is, it brings up a serious subject. In Vietnam they don't have sex education classes. Boys and girls are left to investigate their bodies on their own and via the internet. After about the -- oh, let's see -- eighth smack to my crotch I said to Huyen, "You know that is very bad for me. If you keep doing that maybe I can't have children." Huyen looked shocked and immediately apologized with these words: "I'm sorry. I'll find another weakness."