Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Personal Chef

I've finally made it in life. No, this isn't another blog about getting married. This is about reaching a certain status in life -- I've got a personal chef. Okay, technically speaking my chef is my brother-in-law Su but that doesn't take away from the fact that every time I come home at night, I've got a home cooked meal waiting for me.

You see, Su's dorm is about a five minute walk from my apartment. This means that Su has been hanging out at my place a lot. In return for showering/doing laundry/etc. at my apartment, Su has taken it upon himself to cook dinner for Huyen and me on a nightly basis. This is a win-win for everyone because:

A) Su's meals (which we reimburse him for) cost less than $5 to feed the three of us. This is definitely cheaper than the usual dinners Huyen and I go out for.
B) Su gets to feed himself food which is much healthier and more delicious than what he would eat at this dorm.
C) Su gets to practice his English with me almost every night.
D) It's good practice for when Huyen and I have a child and make him/her do all of our household chores.
E) Su looks great in the apron and chef's hat I make him wear.
F) I now only have to wash the dishes half the time because Huyen and I have a deal, "whoever doesn't cook, cleans." Now that she's not cooking, that means she has to wash dishes too!

I gotta say, everyone should have a personal chef!