Friday, April 22, 2011


As anyone who came on my honeymoon can attest, sometimes there's a lot of fog in Vietnam. During the honeymoon, our bus went up a narrow mountain road with a visibility of about twenty feet. Well, Huyen and I had a solid four days with significant driving in fog. It made for some tense hours especially when we thought about:
a) How high up we were
b) The occasional guard rail that was broken and had clearly been broken by a vehicle that went off the edge
c) The people who were used to the fog and were flying along the mountain as if it was no big deal.

Mom, don't worry, I drove with my headlight on and honked my horn roughly every five seconds. I've got some great video to show the fog but the internet connection isn't great here so I can only load a picture (I finally borrowed a wire and can upload some pictures!).

So, movie buffs, what film does this picture remind you of:

One hint: Tell them Large Marge sent you.