Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Being A Good Big Brother

(PICTURE: this picture was taken at around 7PM on the beach. That's the beach restaurant. To get to this restaurant/our bungalow you need to traverse down a hill which is a heck of a lot darker...)

My ace travel adviser Adam Cooper told me that I had to go to the Ko Phanang night market to sample the "greatest chicken on a stick anywhere in the world."

After watching a beautiful sunset one night, Hannah and I drove to the night market. Unfortunately the chicken stand Adam recommended was out of out of chicken. All they had left were two pork sticks. I tried them and they were delicious. The sauce was really sweet and only peaked my interest on how the chicken would taste. The next night Hannah and I went back again an hour earlier...but the chicken was already sold out. All they had left this time were the chicken innards. I tried them...and they weren't so good.

But that isn't the point of this blog entry. The point is about me trying to be a good big brother. After the night market, Hannah and I rode carefully back to our bungalow. It was dark out but we managed to make it home without a problem...well, almost home. The only problem with the Ocean View Bungalows is that there is no driveway. At night I had to leave my bike parked on the street. From the street down to our bungalow is a treacherous step path with NO LIGHTS. Hannah and I didn't know there were no lights and thus didn't have a flashlight with us (Hannah was given a travel light as a present by a friend and I had my cell phone which handily has a flashlight built into it).

Those that know Hannah know that she's a klutz. A big klutz. She's had many falls in her time including one back in college that had left her with a recently discovered broken bone in her foot (this was discovered AFTER she ran the D.C. marathon). Well, I didn't want any sprains/broken bones on my watch so I told Hannah to wait by the bike (again making her wait alone on the street) so I could go fetch some light. I should tell you now that if you ask my Dad, there are two klutz's in our family. Hannah is one and I'm the other. I made it about four steps down the pitch black path before I twisted my ankle and fell. Whoops. The ankle is broken but it is still sore...a week later.