Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Eel has always been one of my favorite things to eat at sushi restaurants. In Japan, they have specialty restaurants that only serve eel. Of course had to try one out.

After work the other day, I rode my bike around my neighborhood until I found a sign that had a drawing of an eel on it. Since I can’t read Japanese, this was clearly a big help. I parked my bicycle in front of the restaurant and walked in. The first thing I noticed was that I was the only person in the restaurant. By “only person” I mean there wasn’t even a waiter or a cook. I let out a little cough and sure enough, the cook/owner/waiter popped into the room. He looked very surprised to see a foreigner. He started to speak to me in Japanese and quickly realized I couldn’t speak a word. He then pointed at the menu on the wall which of course was in Japanese. Prices too.

From what I could gather there were three options on the menu. He kept pointing at the first Japanese kanji, so I said one of the three words I know, “Hai.” That means yes.

The man then proceeded to make me an absolutely amazing meal. Besides the huge portion of eel and rice, he also gave me the greatest tofu I have ever tasted. I’m not a tofu person but this tofu just melted in my mouth. He also prepared a fresh plate of vegetables and a delicious soup for me. At the end of the meal he sliced me a Japanese apple and even gave me one to take home with me. While I ate the man kept trying to make small talk with me and through gestures I told him how much I was loving the meal. He seemed very pleased.

The chef/owner could not have been any friendlier. As I ate the scrumptious meal I kept thinking, “I’m gonna come here ever single week.” That thought ended though when the man gave me my bill: 2,200 yen or roughly $27. Okay, okay, I’m cheap! I’ll go ever two weeks!