Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gas Prices

The other day I talked with my parents who complained about the soaring gas prices in the states. Well, the price of gas has just sky rocketed in Vietnam too. Last week it cost me 50,000 Dong to fill up my motorbike. That's about $3.00. Well, this morning I filled up my bike and it cost 70,000 Dong. That's about $4.00. That's a 20,000 Dong/$1 increase in a week. That's huge!

While at the gas station I talked to my favorite Gas Attendant who I have the same conversation with every time:

ATTENDANT: Where are you from?
ME: Mie (America in Vietnamese...one of the few words I know although I think I'm spelling it wrong here.)
ATTENDANT: How long you been here?
ME: Three months.
ATTENDANT: What do you think of Vietnam?
ME: I love it.
ATTENDANT: Oh!!!! (Then then turns to the attendant to his right and says something in Vietnamese which I'm pretty sure means, "The American loves Vietnam.") We then say goodbye...and have the same exact conversation one week later.

By the way, reason #4,289 why I love 'Nam: Like New Jersey someone has to fill up your gas tank for you.