Monday, April 4, 2011

There's a new warden in town...

(PICTURE: Google "female warden" and this is the first picture that comes up.)

You might recall how the embassy asked me to be a warden two days after starting the immigration process. My responsibilities were to call all the people in my district during emergency drills and in case there was a real emergency. Well, a few weeks ago I sent the embassy an email saying that I would be leaving Vietnam and unfortunately had to resign my volunteer position. The embassy sent me a nice email thanking me for my service and telling me to destroy the documents I had.

Well, yesterday Huyen calls me during the day and says: "Guess who just called me?" Clearly I had no idea but guessed someone from America. She told me that I was close. The embassy had called her and asked her to be an embassy warden for our district! This was absolutely hilarious to both of us considering Huyen hasn't even stepped foot in America yet. Huyen proudly announced though that she had just gotten her first US job offer! Of course though she had to turn it down since we're both about to go to America.