Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hannah's First Prophecy

Hannah is not much of a bike rider. I remember as a kid our family once made a big purchase -- we all got mountain bikes. After the first day with our bikes, I'm pretty sure mine was the only one taken out of our garage more than two times. In fact, they are still all in our garage collecting dust as I type this (a million years from now archaeologists or aliens will discover all they ever need to know about human civilization from the never-throw-anything-out August garage).

One person who NEVER rode a bicycle was my sister. To be fair, I think Hannah was so young that she was the only one who didn't get a bike. However, what I'm positive about is that as a kid she never rode a bike. In fact, when she studied abroad in Belgium she rented a bicycle and never rode it because, "I couldn't ride on cobblestone."

Why am I telling this? Well, because Hannah and I went to Sukhothai, Thailand, a place that is highly suggested to be seen while bike riding. Sukhothai is the old kingdom of Thailand (It existed from 1238 till 1438...according to Wikipedia). The area of the old kingdom is pretty spread out and would have been a lot to see on foot. Our guide book told us to rent bikes so the day before we got there Hannah prophesied, "Tomorrow I will ride a bicycle." Well, call her Moses:

(PICTURE: Frog faces, our money pose.)

Overall Sukhothai was a great stop on our way to Chiang Mai. Most people go directly from Bangkok to Chaing Mai and miss this little gem of a place. If you're in Thailand and have an extra day, I would highly suggest going to Sukhothai...especially if you like bike riding.