Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Official: I'm The Best!!!!!

That's right, confirming what most of us have assumed for twenty nine years, I'm officially THE BEST! -- the foremost authority on expat blogs on the web -- just named me Blog Of The Month. This is an Oscar, an Espy, a Grammy, an Emmy, A WGA award thing, and a swell pat on the back all wrapped into one. When I started blogging at the gate at JFK airport back on February 2nd, nobody thought this would ever be possible. We proved them wrong, didn't we?

There are a few people I'd like to thank for this award. Firstly, I couldn't have done it without you God. Thank you and god bless you, God. You're the man, God. For those of you who don't know, God has been talking to me directly about my blog over the last few months. He's a busy man between talking to George W. and the other things he does so I appreciate his candor and honesty whenever we get on the phone. Secondly, I've got to thank my parents. I remember when I was blogging on my Apple IIe as a pre-teen and my father said to me, "Son, nobody knows what blogging is right now but one day they'll know. And they'll know your name. But until then go cut the grass." And I remember when my mother said to me, "You should have a blog like Hannah's marathon blog." You were right, Ma. I'd also like to thank my brother and my sister for being so gracious over the years despite knowing that I was the best. I'd like to thank my friends for reading my blog...or at least pretending to. Yeah, especially you, Shronald! I'd like to thank Olivier at expat-blog of the month for his extreme wisdom in realizing the pure genius of I'd also like to thank Ryan for being there for me the last few months even when the blog entries weren't flowing. I'd like to thank Steve for leaving me his camera which has allowed the blog to be what it is. I'd like to thank the robbers who stole all my stuff, yeah you guys too, for being part of the story. I'd like to thank the guy across the street who never wears a shirt and always looks at me with crazy eyes when I leave my apartment. I'd also like to thank my literary managers who literally don't read my blog but have stuck with my script writing over the years. The Timberwolves, my LA ice hockey team. The Williams family. Grahame Fraser and his better half JC. My college friends' coworkers. The people in many nations who I've met along my journey. Man, I knew I'd forget some names so I wrote a few more people down. Hold on, hold on.... I'd also like to thank the man who serves ice tea on the street in the alley by my house who always yells at me, "Me Vietnam! Me Vietnam!" He's helped keep me rooted. I'd like to thank the cockroaches and the rats and the spiders and my landlord who spies on me. I'd also like to thank my students who have taught me as much as I've taught them. I'd also like to thank America for being you. And finally, since I hear the music playing, I'd like to thank Huyen. Huyen, without you this award couldn't be possible. This blog is as much about you as Hanoi. Sometimes ex-pats get sucked into an ex-pat community but spending time with you has allowed me to feel like I'm not actually just living in Korea Town in LA. So thank you.

I RULE!!!!