Thursday, November 13, 2008

Get Over It, Pete Cullen

One of the great things about the blog is that it has put me back in touch with a bunch of old friends. Well, this morning I awoke to find an email from an old friend -- Pete Cullen. For those truly avid readers, you'll recall me mentioning Pete in a post back in May (

Long story short, in 1997 I tied Pete for "senior athlete" in our senior superlatives at Livingston High School. Some people considered my tying Pete to be an obvious case of voter fraud (mostly my close friends and family). Even now many people think my tying Pete was more disturbing than Bush winning the Presidency in 2000 despite losing the popular vote.

Over ten years have passed since we posed together with _______ (I can't remember which girl one it? Jill Gordan maybe?) in the school paper. You would think that a decade plus would be enough time for Pete to get over me tying him but apparently he's gonna need some more time. Check out some excerpts from his email he sent me this morning which is SEETHING with bitterness:

Hi Ben,

I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that I am an avid reader of your blog (TRANSLATION: You should stick to blogging and not playing sports, pansy). Everyday when I get to work the first site I go to is yours, and it is great to see your adventures day in and day out (TRANSLATION: I just want to check every day that you're still not living in America because if you were I'd challenge you to the sport of your choice anywhere, anytime). You are really doing something special out there, and I am sure your family is so proud of you despite you being more than halfway around the world! I enjoyed reading all the recaps of the days they were out there visiting you. I missed seeing your father at all the football games this year, and I hope he is feeling better. Tell him I said hello (TRANSLATION: I bet your dad wishes he spawned a real athlete like me).

I hope everything works out with Huyen, you guys really seem to genuinely enjoy each other every second of the day (TRANSLATION: Huyen doesn't seem like the athletic type so any kid you two might have will be inferior athletically to any kid I'll have). It’s so great to see you having a once in a lifetime experience out there (TRANSLATION: You know what else is once in a lifetime? My LHS basketball scoring record).

Keep up the great work, stay safe, and continue to enjoy yourself (TRANSLATION: If you know what is good for you you'll stay away from NJ until our 20 year reunion) .

From an old Livingston pal, (TRANSLATION: Your nemesis)

Peter Cullen

Great to hear from you, Pete! Oh, Dad, Pete says hi!