Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Look What We Found!!!

Hannah and I found elephants!!! It turns out that they are really easy to find when they're chained down in the middle of the jungle.

After a couple days in Chiang Mai Hannah and I decided to do another jungle trek. On the first day we hiked through the jungle until we came to a little village/base camp. At the bottom of the camp were a bunch of elephants. The next morning we got to ride them.

When we started out on the elephants there was a "driver." Although after about fifteen minutes the guy just jumped off and told us we could drive the elephant. Hannah went first and slid down to the elephants neck. Once she was done I got my turn.

I will say that I was slightly torn about the whole experience. It was definitely fun to ride an elephant but clearly it was sad that their lives are spent lugging around tourists. Okay, yeah, I feel pretty guilty.

Anyway, check out this video of our elephant tearing a tree out of the ground: