Friday, October 3, 2008


(PJ's busted front tire)

My good friend JR Young wrote me a week or two ago in response to my blog post about my first accident. He told me that he was glad my accident was a small one since, "It's said that when riding a motorcycle it's not "if" you'll get into an accident, but "when"."

Well, PJ's "when" happened a lot faster then my when. PJ's "when" happened about ten seconds after getting his bike. Apparently -- and of course I was to blame for this -- he didn't know you needed to lean your body when you wanted to turn.

Here's the aftermath:

Somehow the people who rented the bike to PJ didn't see the accident. This is amazing since he couldn't have driven more than 50 meters.

Ironically, or probably not so ironically, every other person who ran over to see if PJ was okay happened to own a nearby motorbike repair garage. Huyen told us it would cost PJ about $80 to fix the bike if he brought it back to the rental place or he could fix it for around $25 if we brought it to a garage. We brought it to a garage and PJ spent the rest of the afternoon on the back of Ryan's bike as his was repaired.