Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

(Huyen and her 97-year-old great grandmother. She isn't blind, I just caught her while she was blinking)

In another time space continuum leap, today we're going to travel back a month or so to when I visited Huyen's Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, and Great Grandmother. I would have posted this sooner but I didn't bring my camera that day and it has taken me a long time to figure out how to get Huyen's camera to work on my computer.

The journey to Huyen's Uncle's house took us about an hour or so....minus natural obstacles. After driving for a while Huyen told me to turn down a dirt road. At the end of the dirt road was a large river I was told we had to cross since our destination was on the other side. At the river bank was docked an old boat. There didn't appear to be anyone in charge of the boat or for that matter anyone else in the vincity who needed a boat ride. Huyen pointed at the boat and told me that it was our transportation and we had to wait for some other people to come before the boat would leave. I asked, "How long will that be?" Huyen shrugged her shoulders. After about ten minutes an elderly woman rode up on her bicycle. She proceeded to talk to Huyen and then handed me a little plastic bag. The woman thanked me and rode her bike away. I asked Huyen what just happend and she said the woman's relative has diarhea on the other side of the river and this was her medicine. Yeah, I was crossing the river with some ladies Immodium AD.

Eventually we made it across the river and found Huyen's Uncle's house. Despite not being able to communicate with anyone except her six year old cousin who spoke five words of English, I had a lot of fun. It probably helped that I spent the afternoon taking shots of vodka with all the male members of her family.