Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rainy Day

(PICTURE: An adoring letter from my former student)

It has rained on and off all day today which is exactly what the doctor ordered for me (that's just an expression I'm using and not what the pharmacist who is treating my heat rash told me to do). 

Today was literally my first lazy day in three months and it has felt great. The only problem with lazy days is they don't make for great blog entries. Luckily, former Vietnamese girl students who have crushes on their teachers do and one such girl happened to email me today (she asked for my phone number in Saigon and I just gave her my email instead). This girl is the same one who handed me (and Ryan) a letter on my last day of teaching in HCMC. I promised then I'd eventually post the letter and well, today's the day. 

For those of you who can't click on the letter to read it, it says: "Dear Mr. August, Deep in my heart, I'm very happy when my English teacher is you _ Benjamin. How do you feel when you taught us? For me, thank you for teaching enthusiastically. Every class, I learnt them by my heart. I know I sometimes made a noise in our class. :-) Sir, i don't like to finish our class. Huhuhh, I feel so sad asq I don't look at you. Who teachs me? After the class, I hope you have a lot of happiness from teaching English in everywhere. Thank more again so you were my English teacher who has a cool smile, friendly face and seldom you have a strict face. For me, I like your cool smile (very friendly). May happiness follow you where just like we do. A student of you. Nguyen Xuan Hieu. 

That was the very sweet letter she handed me. This was the email she sent to me today:

Dear Ben, (BLOGGER NOTE: We're now on a first name basis apparently)
Hi, sir. How are you? I'm a student in your class, Hieu. Remember me. now, where do you live? What did you do? when will you come back to HoChiMinh city? Are you going to work in VietNam or USA in the future? ah, How many places have you been in Viet Nam? How do you feel them? My dream is to meet you again at USA by my earning. That time I hope my pronunciation is better to talk to you about everything. I miss you! May you have everything wishing for. Student of you HXN.

I've still got it!!!