Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You Haven't Aged A Day, Brett!

(PICTURE: Official SU Alumni)

This picture was taken eight years ago when I graduated Syracuse University. Yes, eight years ago. I like to think that all of us in this picture still look the same as we did that day. I mean, sure there are some obvious difference. For one, I don’t wear backwards baseball hats anymore (I lost mine in Hong Kong).

One guy in the picture who hasn’t changed at all is my buddy Brett (third from the right wearing the whitening cream and red lipstick). Brett is still as handsome as ever, still sporting a tad gut and still making ludicrous faces in pictures. Here’s Brett recently:

Sadly I missed Brett and Alex’s 30th birthday party last Friday night (yeah, on my birthday) but I was emailed a great picture of Brett as a kid. This picture was on the cake that Brett and Alex had made for them:

Brett is the one wearing red Daisy Dukes and laying on the raft in a totally awkward position. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Brett in college and in his NYC apartment laying on his bed/couch/etc. in the same position. Some people just never change.

One thing that I love about Brett (besides that he lets me crash at his apartment whenever I'm in NYC -- honestly who says only children are selfish?) is that he -- like this blog entry -- loves living in the past. Up until this day, whenever I go home, Brett always asks me about two girls from my hometown that he went on a teen tour with back in '96. I'm pretty sure Brett talked to those two girls more on his teen tour bus than I ever did in high school yet he always wants me to say hi to them whenever I go home. One time, over Thanksgiving, I went up to one of the girls and said, "Hey, I'm buddy's with Brett Goldstein at Syracuse. He said to say hi." The girl looked at me with a quizzical look and said, "Is Brett still wearing those red shorts?"