Sunday, February 8, 2009

Meet The Parents

(PICTURE: Huyen's Dad showing me the house where he was born.)

I've met Huyen's parents before, but Tet weekend was the first time I spent serious time with them. Here's the top ten questions I was asked -- through translation -- by Huyen's Dad.

1. Do you like me? (He asked me this seven times. I said, "I like you very very very much.")

2. Are you comfortable? (He asked me this no less than 200 times)

3. When do you want to get married? (I said, "maybe two years or so.")

4. Who do you want to get married to? (I wanted to say, "Who knows, who cares!" but I thought I should probably say, "Huyen.")

5. What do you think of Huyen? (I said, "I think she's amazing." This was followed up by Huyen's sister saying, "How does she make you feel?" I said, "Really happy." She then said, "I mean do you think she's beautiful?" I said, "Yes, but I'm more handsome.")

6. Do you want beer or wine? (This was at breakfast. I went with wine. It was homemade with mullberries.)

7. Will you please move in to my house and help sell the goods? (I said, "Of course." Her dad then said, "How will you sell them if you can't speak Vietnamese?" Fair point.)

8. Can you support a family? (I think he was talking about if Huyen and I get married and have kids).

9. THIS IS NOT A QUESTION BUT A STATEMENT: Your hands are cold. You are weak. (This was said after asking to hold my hand and being shocked that it was freezing. In my defense, it was freezing out. But yeah, I am kind of weak).

10. Can you kill the chicken? (I said, "Yes, I can. No, I don't want to.")

Question #2 though really shows the type of man Huyen's Dad is. He tried so hard to make me comfortable and was such a great host. He constantly told me that he was happy I was spending time with their family and asked if I could stay longer. One of the other things he said to me was, "Even though we can't talk to each other, you make me feel very good." Well, he made me feel very good too...and not just because I was buzzed on wine and beer half the time.