Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our first (and hopefully last) fall

After I drove all day in the mud the day before, Huyen said she would drive first the next morning. That lasted for about a minute and a half:

In Huyen's defense, she's a great driver. In fact, she drove some the first day without a problem. However, our bike is quite tail-heavy with both me and our bag on the back. Combine that with the mud and it resulted in some serious fishtailing.

Luckily we were going about 2MPH when we crashed. Also we fell in mud which made for a soft landing. And luckiest of all, we fell on the right side of the bike which meant nobody got burned by the tail pipe.

So, mom, we got our crash out of the way and have a story to tell without anyone getting hurt. What more could we ask for?!