Monday, June 15, 2009


(PICTURE: A desk that turns into a bed.)

I've mentioned before that naps are part of the Vietnamese culture. Most workers take naps for an hour or so everyday around midday. This is also true at school. Students from K-8 take naps in the middle of the day at school. On a couple of occasions I substituted at public schools and was pretty surprised to see the layouts of the classrooms. Most classes had either one of two things to take naps:

1. Bunk beds in the back of the class.

2. Desks that transformed into beds.

The desks that turned into beds don't look anything like the picture above (and the students definitely don't look like the girl in the picture). The desks look like normal desks, the only difference being that the desktop flips open to form a hard wood cot of sorts. It's pretty simple but it's genius.