Sunday, October 19, 2008

Students Say The Craziest Things Part 3

As I've mentioned, I always have my students talk/debate at the beginning of class as a speaking exercise. Well, the other day I gave students topics to debate and it became pretty heated. The funniest topic turned out to be, "Should Vietnam allow other fast food franchises besides KFC."

Right now in KFC is the only American franchise allowed in the country. Arguing against more fast food were two men. Arguing for more fast food were two women. However, it ended up being 1 man versus all the women in my class. Here's a simplified version of the argument:

MAN: Vietnam shouldn't allow more fast food because it will make our women lazy. They should cook their families meals and not go to fast food restaurants.

WOMAN #1: Why does it just make women lazy? We work too. Maybe we don't want to cook. Maybe we want to be lazy when we finish work.

MAN: What? Cooking for your family is a woman's pleasure.

WOMAN #1: It's not my pleasure. I'm busy.

MAN: But cooking is what makes women happy.

WOMAN #2: It doesn't make me happy. How many women does it make happy?

0 out of 7 hands went up.

MAN: It makes my mother happy. Cooking is her great delight.