Saturday, May 31, 2008


It's official: We had twins!!!! Don't they look just like their daddy?

Alright, alright, Mom, don't freak out: Huyen and I aren't even close to the baby-making stage....but I've been lazy with the camera (sorry, Steve) and had this picture.

Yesterday I went to pick up Huyen to take her to a quick dinner since she was studying for her FINALS. As I pulled into her COLLEGE and drove up to her DORM right outside of the UNIVERSITY QUAD the thought struck me: I'm dating a college girl.

Then another thought struck me: I'm totally awesome!

Then another thought struck me: I'm kind of like all those old creepy guys who date young girls out here (although they are generally around 25+ years older than their girlfriends).

Then another thought struck me: OW! This thought hurt...because it wasn't a thought that struck me. It was Huyen. She was punching me saying, "I kill you!!!" No, she wasn't mad. That's just how she says hi.