Saturday, April 25, 2009

Door To Door Vets

(PICTURE: Actors playing my cousin Stacey and her husband Scott in a hypothetical made-for-tv-movie about them)

The other day, when I was at Huyen's sister's house, the doorbell rang. Huyen's brother-in-law answered the door and standing there was a woman with a needle. Huyen's brother-in-law promptly walked over to the family dog and dragged him out to the woman. The woman stuck the needle into the dog's butt and gave him a shot.

Apparently how it works here is that every few months, vets go door to door and give pets government mandatory shots. When I saw this I thought two things: a) "That's a pretty good idea." b) "I bet my cousin Stacey and her husband Scott, both NJ Vets, wouldn't think it was such a good idea."

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