Saturday, July 24, 2010


(PICTURE: This is basically what the edges of the lake look like.)

Huyen and I have been on a great exercise kick recently. Yeah, we're in the "wedding diet" mode with only five months to go before we tie the knot. The other night we went to the lake by our house to run some laps. Although it's a nice scene near the lake, the lake itself is absolutely disgusting. The lake not only has an odor but there are always dead fish floating near the edges. Well, as we were stretching, I noticed a woman who had walked up to the water and dipped a washcloth into it. I asked Huyen what she thought the woman was doing and Huyen said that she was probably washing dishes. I'm pretty sure my eyes bugged out at this point as I said, "Are you serious?" Huyen nodded and left it at that. Well, sure enough, at the end of our run we passed the woman who was selling mia da (sugar cane juice). As far as I could tell, the woman had used the wash cloth with something related to the juice she was selling whether it be dish washing, cleaning the juicer or whatever.

And with that, I'm never ever ever having a drink anywhere near the lake again.