Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Nose Closer To 30

(PICTURE: How does he keep track of them all?)

Happy Birthday, Bier. You're a nose closer to thirty.  Maybe we should get girlfriends this year?

In other more exciting news, I think I'm back to my normal sleeping pattern since I woke up this morning at 6:24AM. I'm not totally sure if my body got all the sleep it needed or if my neighbor's dozen chickens woke me up. Yes, my neighbor has a chicken coop on his roof. Avian flu anyone?

Love Ain't Easy

 (PICTURE: Ryan explaining to me that he'll "shoot anyone who comes between us.")

This is going to be a short entry because my heart is heavy. After nearly six weeks, Ryan and I have broken up. The song, "Leaving On A Jet Plan" has been playing in a loop in my head ever since 6PM this evening when Ryan got into a taxi to head to the airport for his flight back to Saigon.  I feel like history is repeating itself--this feels just like senior year in high school when Fischgrund and I broke up because I was going away to school. Well, Ryan is going away to school -- to teach -- and the distance is just too great to stay in this monogamous relationship. Sorry, Ry, but I've got to spread my wings and fly. 

That said, it's been a great month and a half hanging out with Ryan. The highest compliment I can bestow on a person is to say that, "he's a good guy." Well, Ryan is a really good guy. 

In other more fun news:
1. I saw a 60 year old Vietnamese man with a blonde toupe. 
2. Today is Vietnamese Independence Day (i.e. We kicked Americas ass day) and to celebrate they have monkeys and Vietnamese Girls roller skating in the Old Quarter. Yes, roller skating. I know, what you're thinking: "It's 2008, get a pair of freaking roller blades."
3. Today while practicing badminton I met some local girls who are friends with my new friend Christina. One of the girls, Lan, wants me to help teach her English. She just wrote me these text messages:
LAN: Hi.
BEN: Hi, Lan.
LAN: I'm onlie.Do you onlie?Nick name: (will leave this out so you ahoy hanoi stalkers can't find her)
BEN: Sorry, I don't online.
LAN: I want to you help learn english.
BEN: Sounds good. You can help me learn Vietnamese.
LAN: When you free time?I'm help you speak vietnamese.
BEN: I have a friend in town. Maybe next week. 
LAN: Do you get up?
BEN: I'm not sure what you mean.
LAN: I don't understandble you.

I decided to stop texting back for the night.