Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vietnam Teacher's Day

Today is Vietnam teacher's day. My students yesterday gave me a few presents to honor my totally awesome teaching skills. I got:

1. A silver and white tie...exactly like a blue and white tie I was given by another student. I'm 90% sure both ties are from the Vietnamese equivalent of Costco.

2. A Vietnam travel book....which I'm 100% sure is from the Vietnamese equivalent of AAA. You know those books you always get free as a member? The ones that are 2% information and 98% adds for restaurants and hotels?

3. A dozen beautiful pink roses. This present was given to me by some of my former students. The present they gave their current teacher: one red rose. Yup, I win.

4. Two pairs of mittens from Huyen (she said everyone must appreciate teachers, not just their students).

5. A cup of coffee from Van, one of the three marvelous Language Link CSOs who are taking my Intermediate 1 class. I should mention that someone made Van the cup of coffee and she didn't want it so she handed it to me.

Ironically, I took Teacher's Day off today because one of my former students invited me to her wedding. Details on that tomorrow!