Thursday, July 10, 2008


About a month ago Ryan did a load of laundry and left a pen in his shirt pocket. Result: one stained shirt. Since then I've been extra careful about only putting a few articles of work clothes in the washing machine at one time. Well last night, high on spicy curry, I put basically ALL of my clothes into the washing machine. Oh, I also left a few pens in my shirts/pants. Yeah, not just one pen but three pens. Three FREAKING PENS!

All of my clothes have stains on them. Some small, some large. I just googled online how to get ink stains out. The #1 way was to use Oxy Clean. The #2 way was hair spray. I went to the supermarket and of course they don't have Oxy Clean. I called Huyen and had her tell the workers my situation. They told her, "in Vietnam we don't have things strong enough to get ink out." I told Huyen I needed hairspray or nail polish and she laughed at me and said that wouldn't work. I was on my own. I found a tiny thing of hairspray and just got back to my apartment. I put hairspray on one shirt and immediately the ink stain started to come out...and spread all over the shirt making it twice as bad. I went back online and read another article that said to, "Make sure you put a rag under the shirt and blot it out a little at a time." Now I know why. Oh, did I mention I also put back in two pieces of clothing with hairspray on them in the meantime? Guess who is going shopping this weekend?