Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank You!

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to the Habitat For Humanity house. Yesterday three more checks came in the mail, officially putting the total over $2,000!!!!

I think it's pretty freaking cool that over sixty of my friends and family have contributed to help build a family a house in Vietnam! The contributions have ranged from $2 to $200. Little donation or big donation, we had a goal and together we achieved it.

If you often read the comments on the blog you would have seen one from LH from KY a few weeks ago. LH had suggested building a house for a Vietnamese War Veteran with the donations. LH also asked whether Vietnamese veterans get any benefits from the government. I asked someone in the Habitat office these questions and he wrote: We cannot be specifically targeting a Vietnamese War Vet for a particular build. I know that inside our programming, we do work with VWV to provide improving housing. FYI…VWV do get special social services from the Government of Vietnam.

Regardless of whether we build a house for a veteran or not, we can all feel good that we're helping someone in need.

Thank you again for all your contributions! That said, if you still want to contribute it's not too late. I anticipate a few more people donating in the coming weeks and will do a second bank transfer after collecting the money.


P.S. I've received lots of emails recently about when I'll start blogging again. Well, I guess this post answers the question. I'm back, baby!