Monday, March 16, 2009

Safe Travels, Ryan!

Nearly a year ago, on April 30th, Ryan left Hanoi to go teach in Ho Chi Minh City. I wrote this blog about it:

In case you're too lazy to click on that link, I wrote: "'s been a great month and a half hanging out with Ryan. The highest compliment I can bestow on a person is to say that, 'he's a good guy.' Well, Ryan is a really good guy."

A couple of days after Ryan flew to Ho Chi Minh City, he had a change of heart. He decided he'd rather spend his year in Hanoi and promptly flew back. I couldn't be happier that Ryan changed his mind. He's not only made a great roommate over the last 11 months, but he's been an amazing friend. Without a doubt, my time in Vietnam wouldn't have been nearly as great without Ryan. What I said last April rings truer today than ever before: Ryan is a really good guy.

Safe travels, Ryan. We're gonna miss you here.