Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!


Even though you've recently lost a bunch of weight you're still the Big Guy to me. I love you and miss you and think of you every day. For example, I think about how you haven't sent me Dinosaur BBQ via Fed Ex. I also think about how I could have been a professional hockey player if you sent me to Canada as a little kid. I also think about how you tortured me for years with the tickle bug. I also think about how you boosted my self confidence as an awkward teenager by telling me my nose was too big for my face. And I also think about how every time I come home you tell me that either my hair is too long or my facial hair is too thick. I also think about...well, the list is really long. But I really do think often about how damn lucky I am to have you as my father. In fact, Hannah, Zev and I are all really lucky to have you as our Dad. And Lilah, well, she's about to find out how lucky she is to have you as her Grandpa. Love you, Big Guy! Happy Father's Day!