Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Congratulations Dave and Abby!

(PICTURE: Dave and Abby.)

I'm getting closer and closer to earning the title of "Last Man Standing."

David Levinson, one of my oldest friends, recently got engaged to his girlfriend Abby. I've known Dave for as long as I can remember. When we were little kids we lived around the corner from each other. I always loved to sleep over Dave's house because he had a real tent that we used to attach to his bed. There's little doubt in my mind that my love of camping started by sleeping over Dave's house.

When we got a little older, Dave and I invented a modern form of Gladiator combat called "Sock Wrestling." Basically Dave and I would each wear tube socks on our feet and have to maneuver to step on the other's feet in order to pull off the other person's sock. It sounds ridiculous but was actually a lot of fun...until Dave tripped me and I hit my head on the edge of his door and got probably the first concussion of my life (Dave later went on to be one of the best high school wrestlers in the state...or at least the county. I can't remember but want to say state since it makes me look better that a kid half my weight could take me down so easily.).

Dave was also the person who I always talked ice hockey with. Dave was a hard-core New York Rangers fan while I was idiotically a Boston Bruins fan. Up until 1994 I could win any argument with Dave by simply saying "1940." Now, I've got nothing to brag about when it comes to hockey.

I've only met Abby a couple of times but can easily see why the two of them get along so well. Abby is a ton of fun and really feisty -- something a girl needs to be in order to put up with Dave. In fact, I have no doubt that Abby could kick Dave's butt in sock wrestling.

Congrats to Dave and Abby!