Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Blogger Becomes The Blogged

The other day I got an email from one of my former students:

Dear Ben,
I'm Long, Do you remember me ? I took your course at Language Link (PRE-INTER3). I very pleasure in studying with you and meeting with your family in the last class. I like you to send me some photos which you took that night in order to upload it to my blog. Please send it for me !

About my blog, I have created and written blog since September. I write blog when I have free time and it seems to be a relaxation. More over, writing blog regularly helps me keep a bright brain, do you think so ? And if you also have blog, can you share it with me ?

My blog address is : http://konansite.co.cc or if you can't access it, please try direct link : http://konan.vnjoomlas.com .

I write my blog in Vietnamese, but I have English corner where I publish my article in English. Also, it's one of the way to improve my English skill. However, I have only one article which wrote about our class at Language Link when I finished my course because it is not easy for me to write an English article . In addition, you can also see our picture in my album.
I hope you will enjoy reading my blog !!!


Yup, the blogger has become the blogged. In case you can't access Long's link I've cut and pasted it here:

By now, I have free time to write an entry about my first course at Language Link. There was a coincidence because my teacher was also my interviewer when I came LL for the first time - Mr.Ben. He is an interesting person and I can see him a lot of good point such as generous, honest, open-hearted when he's talking with each other. Also, he is great of fun, he sometimes tells us jokes to make something funny in our class.

I feel very comfortable when studying in this class. Mr.Ben seems to be concentrate on speaking and listening skill in our class. It's all of thing that I need because I'm not good at both of these skills. Talking a lot with each other helps me improve most of weak points that I encounter when I study in my university. Some people in my class think that it's not good for us to focus only two skill, but I think they are very important skill we need when we communicate with foreign people. Another skill I can learn by myself.

One point I like in my class is every body was so friendly. Almost of them was easy-going, easy for to me make friend. Even more one of the most active people in my class is Mr.Hoang, he was talkative. He always asks Ben everything he don't know without brainstorm to find out the solutions to solve problems. Another people usually makes me pay attention to him is Mr.Quan. I can only say that he is very interesting people like Mr.Ben. He usually tells us joke, like Ben, andl his jokes so fun that I laugh a lot. But, beside the fun of his stories, I can learn something which have a valuable experience. In general, friends is one of the point I like best when I study in Ben's class.

In the last class, I had the meeting with Ben's family include his parents and his cousin. They was so friendly and this thing has changed my mind about foreign people, especial the people come from the USA. And I was really impressed by Ben's cousin. He was a stylish man, and may be more handsome than Ben :D It was very lucky for me to sit near by him, and we talked a lot about everything such as family, favorite, even Internet technology because both Ben's cousin and I like World Wide Web ^^! Perhaps, that was the first time I communicated naturally with foreign people. I won't never forget that night, and I want to thank to Ben for making a chance for me to practice English more than ever.

In conclusion, I value highly Ben's class and I am really satisfied with my fisrt class at Language Link. I hope I will take the same class in the future.